We were 'Nicked' in Brighton...

CFP were commissioned by Renegade pictures to produce some 'urban' aerials of Brighton and its surroundings for a forthcoming ITV 1 production. Renegade had been working for some time on this and the production schedule is drawing to a close.

The shoot was for a single day and it presented a number of foreseen and unforeseen challenges. Fortunately Renegade have a great relationship with both the Police force and the council, so the filming and flying permissions were obtained relatively easily. As can be seen above the weather was great and for once played its part in a very successful day. Some of the urban shots were tricky and required our full team of both ground and aerial observers along with Geraint on the camera. Most of the shots of the Lanes and the Police HQ were shot using our new 12mm lens giving a very close perspective but maintaining a tight flight profile - Mainly up and down our tight 'control' tube.

The unexpected side of UAV ops never ceases to amaze me. Public fascination with both the filming and the UAV. Thank goodness for our crowd controller - Suzie. Suzie did a great job of keeping the inquisitive kids (and parents) away from the landing site, especially when on the beach.

We hadn't expected nudists to be a problem though. The final shots of the Royal crescent (below) were shot from the beach very close to the nudist area, whilst we had zero time with the lens on that part of the beach, we did get a few queries!!

The day was a total success and we look forward to seeing the final edits in the spring. Thanks very much to Stuart and Suzie for looking after us and working just as hard as we did on the day. The UAV and the X5 were rock solid all day and the final shots were stunning. Brighton is a beautiful place to work, the X5 did it proud and we look forward to going back.

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