Heathrow UAV collision

Recent bad press around the use of UAV's is doing nothing for this industry. In the last seven days there have been 2 significant incidents in the press. A rogue operator flying a UAV around sensitive and protected sites in Central London, also a collision with a BA A320 on finals at Heathrow.

As commercial UAV operators we condone any irresponsible flying of UAV's, whilst many are sold as toys, the risks of use in the incorrect airspace is potentially catastrophic. We would urge the CAA and EASA to accelerate the regulations and licensing for all weight categories to ensure that control of these amazing machines is kept in the hands of trained pilots.

Any producer will naturally be concerned by the use of a UAV on a shoot. We would always recommend that all credentials are checked, only use CAA approved operators with a Permit for Aerial Work and appropriate public liability insurance. Create Flying Pictures will research the UAV aspects of any potential shoot in advance and will only proceed if the task can be undertaken safely with minimal risk.

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