Cuckmere Haven

Wow. What a site. Geraint recommended this spot as where Luther had recently been flimed. It had been used numerous times by TV crews, including G, over the years. A crack of dawn start to beat the traffic out of Kingston and the M25, we arrived well before Sunrise, which gave us plenty of time to drag the kit on the 20 min walk to the beach. The clear forecast was unusually good for Jan, but with the winds due to pick up late on, we knew that we couldnt waste any time getting airborne post sunrise.

Coastal work is always a little tricky due to the higher winds, but I'm sure you'll agree that the gimbal on the Inspire, can cope wth some pretty rough conditions and the footage speaks for itself.

Ulitimately the shoot was well worth the early start and rather physical trek, check out the photos in the Gallery and i'm sure you will spot some of the stunning footage on our showreel. We will shortly be uploading a full package of highlights from this spot. We will be back. Thanks Cuckmere.

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