Why do we need a UAV (drone) on our production?


The DJI Inspire 1 V2 can offer up to 4k resolution at up to 60fps. Crisp, clear imagery at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter team. Depending on the location, the UAV can operate up to 400 feet high and at a range of up to 500m from the source. After a few minutes of pre flight checks and tests, the UAV can be airborne within about 15 mins of being on site. Quick, low cost, low risk, high quality, simple.

Why Create Flying Pictures? there are lots of aerial cinematographers....


With Create Flying Pictures you are getting the best of everything. Before the first flight Glen will have ensured that all risks have been succesfully avoided and planned for. Any outstanding issues will have been mitigated at the planning stage. Once on task we expect no surprises due to our planning rigour.


On task,  Geraint has the experience to ensure that flight time is minimised to ensure you get the best imagery first time. Lighting, routings, timings, site interactions are all taken care of. Also, remember that Geraint is a Director of Photography - Not just limited to aerials, we can provide the full suite of camerawork for your shoot.

What about proximity to people and buildings?


Create Flying pictures have a 'standard' permission to operate both of our UAVs in congested areas provided we generally stay more than 50m from people and objects not under our control. We can reduce this to 30m for take off and landings. For tighter shoots in congested areas we do have a special approval from the UK regulator to operate our DJI Inspire V2 with certain restrictions to within 30m in flight and 20m for take off and landing. Its always best to contact us with any location details and we can tell you fairly quickly whether a UAV is feasible on your shoot.

What about the weather?


We can't control the weather... but we can be realistic about what can be achieved with the UAV. Best results, unsurprisingly are in good light, with light winds and no precipitation.


The UAV can be operated from Sunrise to Sunset (please contact us if you wish for a night shoot), in winds of up to 20 mph (30km/h). It is worth avoiding Nov- Feb due to the short days and inclement weather, however if the weather forecast is good then the light can be excellent this time of year.


We will look at the weather forecast from about 48 hours before the shoot and if the forecast from 24 hours is clearly unfavourable then we will cancel to save all of our time. We cannot operate outside of the wind limitations of the UAV.