A current Boeing 787 Captain for British Airways, I have 20 years experience of aviation. 


My love for all things that fly began growing up under the flight path of Heathrow. This led me to a first class degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Bath.


My flying career began in the late 90's; a PPL earned at San Diego Flight Training, then a highly coveted position on the British Airways cadet program and an ab-initio course at Cranfield. After 8 years as a co-pilot on the Boeing 757 & 767 with BA, I finally gained a command on the A320.


I'm currently flying the Boeing 787 to Worldwide destinations for British Airways.


Currently an instructor on the 787 with work ranging from training new entrants to the airline to checking experienced pilots undergoing CAA type rating revalidations.


The transition to UAV operations has been an exciting challenge and familiarity with the CAA texts and procedures has been invaluable. 


Our combined experience, skills and knowledge makes a great team and will enhance any production.




With over 20 years experience as a Director of Photography / Lighting Cameraman I’ve gained an outstanding reputation for highly creative visuals. Together with in-depth lighting expertise I’ve accumulated primetime credits for all the major networks, BBC, ITV, C4, Five, Discovery and Sky.


I’ve travelled extensively throughout my career, often filming in remote locations around the globe. One of my current exciting projects is following the migration of Wildebeest across the Serengeti National Park, the series is still in production and has involved several filming trips to Tanzania, Africa.  I’ve also recently finished filming my third series of Ben Fogle “New Lives in the Wild”, a Renegade production for Five. This exciting prime time show has taken me to the remote Australian outback, Indian Himalayas, the Georgian swamplands, Texan Desert, Panama, Laos and to the wilds of Alaska.


I’m also one of the few Directors of Photography with extensive experience filming in 3D. My recent 3D credits include four one hour documentaries on the Great War of 1914 – 1918 presented by Sir Tony Robinson for Sky 3D and Discovery. After the success of this series, Discovery commissioned another 3D documentary to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE Day, “D-Day to Victory” presented by Sir Tony Robinson. It was a great privilege being the DP on this series.





Create Flying Pictures offers a unique combination of Geraint’s  experience working as a Lighting Cameraman/ Director of Photography with Glen’s experience working within the Commercial Aviation industry. 


Offering this skills mix does not only offer creative, dynamic aerial cinematography but with the safety and planning that is so essential in the aviation industry.


We’ll help you produce the best aerial imagery possible and you can be sure that the operation is safe, achievable and legal. These combined skills will ensure that your creative goals are achieved efficiently and safely.


Create Flying Pictures is fully CAA approved (GVC & A2 CofC)and both of us are fully qualified to fly in most locations. We offer a complete service from planning to task completion. This includes pre flight planning, location review, equipment requirements and risk assessment through to the completion of the creative task.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your future aerial shoot, with our combined experience, we’ll make sure that any aerial filming we undertake will be visually dynamic as well as safe.